Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska

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Tribal Administration

Robin Waldron

Robin is the Tribal Administrator for the Qawalangin Tribe, with a background in tribal affairs she was hired August 2008 as a part of the administrative team.  Robin now carries her experience forward working on multiple projects,  day-to-day operations, to personnel management, grant reviews, and grant renewals. One of her favorite times of the year is during the Annual Camp Qungaayux, where she sees the Tribal members and community rejoice and celebrate the Unangan Culture.

Mabel Simmonds has been hired to fill the position as Bookkeeper and Tribal Membership data clerk.  Mabel is originally from Barrow, Alaska and is married to Qawalangin Tribal Member Adam Shapsnikoff, Sr. and they have two sons.  Mabel has a back ground in Health Care field, from working at the local Clinic and Elder Care as a Primary Care Assistant, and said  " I am very proud to be working with awesome Co-Workers at Qawalangin Tribe. I am learning new things every day that I am working there. I love working with the Qawalangin Tribe Staff and Tribal Council Members

Carter Price, Student

 Aang Aang! My name is Carter Price I am a senior at UCSD, and I am the Youth Representative for the Qawalangin Tribe. This is my second term as the youth representative alongside fellow representative Trevor Schliebe. I have attended Tribal meetings, worked on data entry, and helped out with the environmental department. I was also appointed as an Arctic Youth Ambassador; my term ends in 2017. Working with the Tribe has given me many new interests, such as government and the environment. During my term I have also worked with the tribe during the 6th period of class. I am able to work for the tribe for a high school credit. Being the youth representative is an honor, and I would love to work more with the tribe in the future. I plan on going to a university after high school and coming back to Unalaska to give back to the wonderful community that has shaped who I am.

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