Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska

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Tribe Environmental Department

Chris Price

Environmental Director

Chris Price has been working for the Qawalangin Tribe since July, 2015 as the Environmental Director.  He is overseeing the development of the current environmental program.  He is focused on creating a Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the tribe.  He also wants to see the Tribe develop a subsistence division where salmon, halibut, and crab are harvested for the benefit of the Tribe and the elders under state, federal, and traditional guidelines.  Solid waste management and recycling are needed here in Unalaska, so Chris is working on ways to build capacity and infrastructure in addressing the waste stream.  Contaminated lands and water from WWII are still effecting the Tribe and surrounding sites are being addressed for clean up under the NALEMP program and the Brownfields program.  Chris is excited to be a part of alternative energy planning, design and future implementation here in Unalaska.   

Nikita Robinson

Climate Change Planning Coordinator

Nikita Robinson worked for the Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska from September,2015 to October, 2016. Nikita was responsible for coordinating the Aleutian Life Forum that was held in August, 2016 and she has produced the tribe’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan. She is recently working at the DNR in Anchorage. The Tribe thanks her for the amazing work performed and sends her our best wishes.

Leticia Pureza

Environmental Coordinator

Leticia Pureza is originally from a small village in northern Brazil, called Igarape – Miri, located on the state of Para. She went to undergraduate school in the Federal University of Para, in Brazil, where she majored in Geophysics. During her undergraduate program, she was awarded a scholarship to come to the United States with all expenses paid for 1 year of college exchange program. This provided her with the opportunity to be in contact with great professors and initiate an application for a Master’s degree. Now she has a nearly concluded Master’s from the University of Wyoming in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management. She started working for the Qawalangin Tribe in late October of 2016 and she really enjoys working as the Environmental Coordinator under the guidance of Chris Price, who is now the Environmental Director. She says: "This is my first job and I am very excited to have this opportunity. I will provide this community with my best work and I wish I can make a positive impact to our environment."

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