Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska

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Tribal Council

The governing body of the Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska is the Qawalangin Tribal Council, which consists of members elected at large by popular vote of Tribal membership.  Tribal Council meetings take place on a month-by-month basis and are free and open to the public. To learn more about individual Tribal Council members, see below. 

Tribal President, Thomas C. Robinson

Thomas C. Robinson was elected to the Tribal Council in 2013 and his term will expire in 2016. When not attending meetings on behalf of the Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska, Mr. Robinson remains self-employed. With previous experience working for Medford Fabrications as a Machinist, Nielson Beaumont with the U.S. Marshalls, and Captain-ships on the F/V Starward and F/V Kodiak, and M/V Lady Gundy as Skipper/Engineer, Mr. Robinson has a diverse background in the maritime and fisheries industry.  He has also worked with the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Community Development Association (APICDA) as Vessel Manager and is also currently involved with the  Unalaska Native Fisherman Association (UNFA), and serves on the Aleutian Islands Risk Assessment (ARIA) Committee.

Tribal Vice-President, Harriet M. Berikoff

Harriet M. Berikoff  was most recently re-elected in 2015 and her term will end in 2018 . Harriet is the Land Lord for the Lake Side Apartments which she lives in. She is a Board member to the King Cove Corporation, and the Unalaska Senior Center. In the past, Harriet has served as a Board member to Iliuliuk Family and Health Services,  and  was the Liaison Officer (CLO) for the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Community Development Corporation (APICDA).

Tribal Secretary and Treasurer, Marie Schliebe

Marie Schliebe was appointed by the existing Tribal Council in September 2008 by a unanimous vote to fulfill a full term of three years. She was then  voted in by Tribal members in 2014 and her term will expire in 2017. When not in the office, Mrs. Schliebe is the Secretary of The Holy Ascension Russian Orthodox Church Council, where she also sings in the choir.  In addition to her community contributions, she also holds an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development while simultaneously working towards her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Development. Mrs. Schliebe's other involvement includes experience at the Unalaska City School District, volunteer work at the Annual Culture Camp, Camp Qungaayux^, and for the Tribal Election Board Committee.

Tribal Council Member, Nicholai E. Lekanoff

Nicholai Lekanoff has served as a council member since appointment by the existing council in 2005, and was most recently re-elected by Tribal Members in 2015. Mr. Lekanoff has maintained employment for the last 20 years at the City of Unalaska as a heavy equipment operator. He also serves as Trustee for Docket 369, Director of several wholly-owned subsidiaries of the  Aleut Development Corporation, and the Dutch Harbor Development Corporation. He is also one of the Ounalashka Corporation (OC)  Board of Directors and sits on their Investment Committee and Participates in their Stringent Investment Trainings.

Appointed Tribal Council Member, Julia O. Dushkin

Julia Dushkin was voted in by Tribal Members in 2013 and her term will expire in 2016.  After sudden resignation of a former Council Member the Tribal Council appointed to fulfill the unexpired term of one year, ending 2018.  Julia is retired and is currently a housewife who enjoys baking for her grandchildren. She is also  a reader and choir  member for The Holy Ascension Russian Orthodox Church, and an appointed member to the Unalaska Senior Center's Board.

Tribal Council Member, Blaine A. Shaishnikoff

Blaine Shaishnikoff was elected at the Qawalangin Tribe's 26th Annual Meeting, November 7th 2015, as a write-in for a term of three years, expiring 2018.  Blaine is married to Tribal Members Catina McGlashan-Shaishnikoff and they have two children. Blaine works with his father in their family business Bering Shai and also serves as the Tribe's Representative on the Museum of Aleutians board.

Newly Elected Tribal Council Member: Eugenie Lekanoff

Eugenie Lekanoff was recently elected in by the Tribal Membership at the 27th Annual Elections. Eugenie is a former employee of the Qawalangin Tribe and retired in late February 2016.  Committed to helping her Unangan people she decided to the best way to do that is running as a council member.  Eugenie was voted in to fill a term of three years, expiring 2019. Eugenie now spends her time volunteering at the Senior lunch program.

Former Council Member, Brenda Tellman

Brenda A. Tellman who was voted in by Tribal Members in 2014 made the hard decision to resign from her council member seat shortly after the Tribes 27th Annual Tribal Membership Meeting. The Qawalangin Tribal Council and Staff wanted to say Thank You for the commitment and  time to you dedicated to serving your tribal membership and we wish you all the best. 

Tribal Council Youth Representative, Trever Schliebe

Trever Schliebe is a Sophomore at Unalaska City School District. He was nominated by Tribal Members in 2013 to be the Tribe's Youth Representative. Since being nominated in 2013, Trever has attended the FAI Elders & Youth Conference  every year on behalf of the Qawalangin Tribe. He was also selected at the Elders & Youth Conference to be the Representative for the Aleutian Region in both 2014 and 2015.

Tribal Council Youth Representative, Carter Price

Carter Price is the Junior Class Vice-President, and an Honor Roll student at Unalaska City School District. He was nominated by Tribal Members in 2015 to be a Tribal Youth Representative. He was also nominated by the Qawalangin Tribal Council to be an Arctic Youth Ambassador. Carter is 1 of the 15 students from across the state to be selected as an Arctic Youth Ambassador.

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